Three Truths About Product Analytics

Some things you should know about using data to build better products

Truth #1: You don’t just need data — you need the right data

In the world of product analytics, there’s a wide range of tools available. Some offer snazzy UIs. Some have amazing analytics capabilities. But the insights that come from even the most powerful-seeming tools are not always accurate, and not always actionable. This is because analytics tools can only analyze what’s fed to them. And if you’re feeding them incomplete data, you’ll get incomplete answers.

Truth #2: Tools that aren’t useful … won’t get used

While lots of platforms bill themselves as a solution, what you end up with is often more like a do-it-yourself kit. When product analytics is extra work for someone (perhaps you!) it becomes their least-favorite chore. Here’s why:

Truth #3: Insights lead to outcomes … but better insights lead to better outcomes

Lots of tools talk about insights. But let’s stop for a minute and think about what that means.

How we solve these problems

Since we know that the truths above are genuine, we designed our solution around meeting them, with smart governance that doesn’t restrict you to keeping your dataset small in order to keep it manageable. We invented autocapture to get you the right data. We made it future-proof by capturing everything. Then we keep things governed so you can get the insights that matter.

In conclusion

When it comes to making product analytics easier, the best tool is the one that you like to use. Over and over. Every day. In ever-expanding ways. We think Heap alone offers a living, scalable, reliable dataset that remains governed as it grows with you. Nobody else can truthfully say their data is both easy AND trustworthy.

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